Martin Palmer is a cinema technician, sound engineer, writer, organizer and  artist from Norway. He holds a double Bachelor in psychology and art history, and is currently enrolled as a MFA student at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, while working as a producer and project manager at Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art. This website is dedicated to presenting, promoting and preserving his various artistic and creative efforts.

"There are many people who can handle technical matters, and many who can handle the artistic or creative facets; however, very few are able to bridge these two worlds. The communication skills, the flexibility and openness of mind, the self-reliance and perseverance, the ability to remain at the centre of a 'problem' and deal with it calmly, the understanding of all sides in a given situation as well as the willingness to enter into the perspective of another are very rare indeed. They are not optional in spanning the divide between those two worlds: clearly, they will be more and more necessary in tomorrow's world. Martin Palmer has all of these qualities and many, many, more." - Andrew M. McKenzie, The Hafler Trio


Last updated Jan 31 2017