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Here To Go 2012 is an anthology published as part of the Here To Go: Art, Counter Culture and the Esoteric conference. It contains texts and essays by all the speakers of the symposium: Carl Abrahamsson, Karen Nikgol, Kendell Geers, Gary Lachman, Andrew M. McKenzie, Jesper Aagaard Petersen and Martin Palmer. In the book is also an additional text by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. The themes are varied: Crowley on film, occulture, the cut ups, megapolisomancy, the magic of fact vs fiction, the scenography of no-mind, and many other things.

80 pages in size A5 (148 x 210 mm). Here to Go 2012 is published by Edda in 500 hand-numbered copies in three different versions/bindings: 400 softbound copies ("standard"), 77 hardbound in cloth ("limited") and a private edition of 23 copies hardbound in leather.

All editions are SOLD OUT from the publisher. I have a few copies of the softbound edition. Price: €15  incl. intl. shipping.

Here To Go 2014 is the catalog for the Here To Go symposium held in Trondheim on MAY 30-31 as part of the Meta.Morf Biennale for Art & Technology. It contains texts and images by all the participants:  Martin Palmer: Introduction, Z’EV: Transition and Trance, Alkistis Dimech: The Volant, Peter Grey: Secrecy and Revelation, Angela Edwards: The Esoteric Action and Invocation Revealed, Vicki Bennett: Consequences and Beyond, Jesper Aagaard Petersen: Operation Mindfuck, Viking Edition and Carl Abrahamsson: Paul Bowles – Expat Magic.

Published by Trapart Books, Films and Editions. 72 pages, size 210x210mm. Hardcover SOLD OUT. Softcover available. Glossy pages, colour illustrations, shrinkwrapped. Price: €15  incl. intl. shipping.

” ”””’ ” (being an exposition and elucidation of an eternal work by The Hafler Trio) is poetic description of experimental music legend The Hafler Trio's ongoing series of workshops and ideas.

Part musical creation, part personal development, part experimental Gesamtkunstwerk and part complementary education.

Limited to 500 copies.

Produced by Trapart and me.

Published 2013. 176 pages, size 90 x 148 mm. Softcover.

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TARFIELD Black On Black t-shirt.

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You Cannot Grasp The True Form

Released on Feral Fang Media (USA) 2012.

Limited to 50 copies.

A Heaven Is Dumb 10.00

B The Colour Out Of Space 10.00

"TARFIELD is a project culled from the madness that is Arnfinn Killingtveit and Martin Palmer, two very creative and intelligent noisers! This cassette is no chump change, bringing in two strong

tracks of atmospheric and vast textures, all adding up to a damn

fine cassette!" - FFM Review

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TARFIELD - Debut (2009)

Tracks list:

1. Our Zombies Are Different 4.35

2. Nightmare Retardant 2.29

3. Twenty Minutes Into The Future 6.01

4. Cardboard Prison 5.31

5. No Biochemical Barriers 7.55

6. Platform Hell 5.19

7. Orifice Evacuation 3.51

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Vinyl re-release forthcoming.

MRTNPLMR - Live at The Villa

Dans for voksne, 22 APR 2010 (Earth Day)

Black CD-R, signed and numbered inlay. Released by Ambolthue Records, 2011.

Limited to 23 copies, lost copies found, few remain.

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